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T5 utilizes high quality thermal remediation and recycling technologies to design, manufacture and implement equipment to provide complex solutions for our clients around the world

We develop innovative strategies for delisting waste and utilize our expertise to custom manufacture equipment to meet our clients' waste management needs. We are a vertically integrated company that manufactures our equipment using proprietary technologies to meet project specifications for our clients.

With decades of combined field experience, our management team has proven ability to design, manufacture and operate critical thermal remediation technologies utilized throughout the industry.

We specialize in the recovery of materials and the conversion of waste to refined commodity materials. We work worldwide with clients in the oil & gas industry, adding significant value to oil companies and refineries with our ability to convert their hazardous waste into marketable commodities. We lead the industry by using our patented systems to transform spent catalyst, tank bottom sludge and drill cuttings into usable materials. In many cases we are able convert our client's disposal costs into a profit center.

We also provide remediation expertise for large and small projects alike, with the capability to mobilize equipment to operate in the most remote locations worldwide. Our equipment has proven to remediate most hazardous contaminants, including PCB's, chlorinated solvents, MGP waste, coal tar, oil lagoons, oil lakes and reserve pits.

T5 also has extensive experience in large and complex construction projects, with the ability to provide a comprehensive range of services including professional planning, construction management, thermal remediation engineering, O&M services and technical assistance.

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